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Walking the streets of New York City, one feels compelled to soak in the dynamism of the environment, to absorb the electric energy of each neighborhood and street corner.  We have imbued our collection with not only its vivid colors, but the spirit of New York. We want it so wearing a piece of Hue Division is endowing oneself with the lifeblood of the city we love and cherish. We at Hue Division have mapped out all of the colors of our first collection so that anyone can receive the inspiration we have from the beauty and spirit of New York City.




098 - 59 - 30 (A.I AQUA) 

Inspired by the quiet displays of independence and freedom throughout NYC, we present our line of a.i AQUA apparel. The aqua tones of the Statue of Liberty most notably stand as a symbol of the city’s defiant diversity and proud commitment to individuality and expression.


155 - 52 - 32 (AZALEA PINK) 

Whether in the display windows of New York’s world-renowned bakeries or in the fashion of its inhabitants, azalea PINK is a ubiquitous part of the city’s identity.  It is fun. It is loud. It is confident. Dawning a piece of Hue Division PINK endows anyone with the swagger and poise of a bold New Yorker.


045 - 87 - 33 (ILLUMINATING YELLOW) 

Like the only available New York taxi on a rainy day, our illuminating YELLOW collection is meant to grab your attention and let its presence be known. It is for those daring enough to handle the power and command of city itself.


072 - 69 - 24 (QUIET WAVE GREEN) 

Our quiet wave GREEN collection is inspired by the foundations of life in New York City. The green roofing of its most historic buildings, or of the iron structures holding the city together, MINT is for those who need a reliable, stable constant in their wardrobe. 


112 - 38 - 32 (CLASSICS BLUE) 

Our classics BLUE comes from the timeless details of New York’s cityscape. Although not as prominent as our other hues, an addition of any one of our BLUE pieces are sure to give you that extra something to get you where you need to go.


142 - 58 - 19 (PURPLE ROSE) 

Wherever you find purple in the city, you are sure to find something a little outside the box. Our PURPLE rose collection is for those who are unconventional and unique. Like those who come to New York City from all around the world, you are here to trailblaze and carve out a space that is entirely yours.