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Women’s Trendy Styles to Shop Now

Women’s Trendy Styles to Shop Now

Women’s Trendy Styles to Shop Now

There have been some gray days in the last year or so, but now it's time to add some color to your life. Brighter tones can really lift the mood, delivering on all fashion fronts and offering a multitude of different outfit options. Here’s a look at some ways you can add a colorful touch to some of the top trends this year.

Brighten up neutrals

Azalea Hoodie

Adding a splash of color to brighten up neutrals is big news this year, and it is such an easy look to achieve. How about draping a bright Azalea Hoodie around the shoulders of a plain white floating summer dress to instantly liven the look or teaming an Illuminating Yellow T-Shirt with khaki shorts for a timeless outfit with a trendy edge?

Geometric patterns

Bold geometric patterns are a fashion feature in 2021, and they can look amazing. Not everyone will feel comfortable in top-to-toe geometrics, however, which is where a capsule collection of plain yet beautifully bold shorts, tees and pants can really come into their own. Combine a pair of Azalea Pink Shorts with a geometric print tee or sweater for an outfit that will feel as great as it looks.

Bold motifs

Bold motifs are trendy this year, whether you choose animal designs or funny slogans. These look great on t-shirts and shorts, combined with Blue or Green Track Pants.

Green Track Pants


There have not been many benefits to the recent Covid pandemic, but the chance to wear comfortable clothes is one of them. Loungewear has never been more popular, and it has never been more acceptable to wear styles that were once confined to your lounge when you’re out and about. No longer are track pants confined to the gym or the store; today’s world welcomes those classic comfies as a fashion essential to suit all ages and body types. Comfortable doesn’t have to be boring, either, as the colorful collection of track pants, hoodies, tees and shirts at Hue Division undoubtedly shows.

Tropical prints

It may be because many people have been deprived of their summer vacations in recent times, but fashion designers are having a real love affair with tropical prints this year. A tropical print dress, skirt or t-shirt can brighten up the grayest of days, especially when teamed with bright wardrobe staples such as an Illuminating Yellow Organic Cotton Hoodie or a pair of timeless Quiet Wave Green Shorts.

Sustainable materials

Trendy styles aren’t always about looks. Sometimes they can be about ethos, too. Sustainability is a massive consideration to many people these days, and it has never been more fashionable - or sensible - to make responsible environmental choices. Taking care of the contents of your wardrobe certainly doesn’t have to mean not taking care of the world around you, as the clothes we sell prove all too well.

Thinking about the planet and your fellow inhabitants certainly doesn’t mean having to compromise on quality and looks, either, as our organic cotton pieces show. Made using natural processes that benefit people as well as the earth, this hugely versatile fabric looks great and makes you feel even better - both because of the way you look and the responsible choices you have made.

Family looks

Covid-19 has made many people realize how important family is, and there is a 2021 fashion trend that really reflects this. Matching outfits for different generations are in style this year. Of course, this can be tricky to do, but there are some really easy-to-wear options if you want to give this fashion a try. At Hue Division, we specialize in creating lasting fashions that combine color with a timeless quality that all ages can enjoy. There is no one who wouldn’t look or feel great in a soft Purple Rose Sweatshirt or an ageless Classic Blue Organic Cotton Tee.

Classic Blue Organic Cotton Tee

Fun fashion

There is a joy-filled, hopeful feel to many of the fashion trends this year, from the bold prints to the eye-catching flashes of color that many designers have adopted in 2021. If there is one trend that you need to follow this year, adding some color to your wardrobe is it. Whether you choose to dress head to toe in sunshine yellow or simply add a scarlet scarf to your favorite pants suit, this is the year to be bold and look forward to all that the future will hopefully hold.