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Why Buy Organic Cotton Clothing?

Why Buy Organic Cotton Clothing?

Why Buy Organic Cotton Clothing?

There are many reasons to consider organic cotton clothing in your wardrobe. Although some people might dismiss it as a trend, organic cotton is a genuinely good product that is not only beneficial for the planet, but also for those who choose to wear it. Let’s take a look at the many compelling reasons you should consider going with organic cotton when you buy clothes in the future.

What Is Organic Cotton?

What Is Organic Cotton?

Before we delve into the benefits of organic cotton, we need to establish what exactly it is and how it differs from regular cotton. Cotton is created using the natural, white fluffy fibers from cotton plants. Organic cotton plants are grown using methods that are less harmful to the environment, which means the final product is environmentally friendly.

This type of cotton is grown in a way that reduces the need for pesticides, chemicals and toxic materials. Often, the materials used in organic cotton will not contain these pesticides or toxins at all, nor will they have any fertilizers that are synthetic. Organic production systems are used that have been created to uphold the richness of the soil in which the cotton is being grown, leading to an organically diverse agricultural setting.

For example, the cotton plants in question will not have any chemical sprays used on them during their development. There are strict regulations in the United States surrounding the growth and purity of organic cotton, with producers having to be certified and confirmed to only be using these greener methods to produce their cotton. Different rules are in place depending on where the cotton is grown, however.

Now that we have a better idea of what organic cotton is and how its production differs from that of regular cotton, let’s take a look at some benefits of organically made cotton clothing.

Fewer Health Risks

Organic cotton clothing lowers the risk of health issues that can arise from allergies or sensitivity to regular cotton, such as skin rashes, hives or other sensitive dermatological issues. This can be attributed to the lack of chemicals used in the cotton development process. There is nothing worse than being trapped in itchy, irritating clothing all day if you have sensitive skin, so organic options are a great choice for people who are prone to skin problems.

Lower Health Costs

On a similar note, if you have issues with your skin (such as sensitive skin that is triggered by cotton or overly sensitive skin in general), an organic substitute could help you save some money on healthcare costs. Whether it is for skin creams, treatments or just a consultation with a doctor, healthcare can be a significant drain on any family’s finances, and dermatological problems are no exception. If you are able to eliminate at least some of the allergy problems you have by switching to organic cotton clothing, you could be saving yourself a fair amount of money.

Better for the Environment

As mentioned earlier, organic cotton is an alternative to conventional cotton that is much healthier for the planet. The whole process is a lot friendlier to the environment, cutting back on the use of toxic chemicals and pesticides. The use of these chemical-laden fertilizers and pesticides on traditional crops leads to irreparable environmental damage. Our planet is incredibly sensitive, and these chemicals are polluting our waterways and air and destroying biodiversity, which poses a threat to all types of life on Earth. In addition, the organic production method consumes less energy because there is far less fuel involved, which means that less carbon is used. Hue Division products, such as these Quiet Wave Green Women's Organic Cotton LW Track Pants also use environmentally-friendly dyes.

Quiet Wave Green Women's Organic Cotton LW Track Pants

Avoids Harm to Workers

The health of the agricultural workers is also a crucial element to consider. The chemicals and toxins used in the development of regular cotton can lead to problems for workers and their families. If the cotton is picked by hand, pesticides can be inhaled, and water in that area can become contaminated. In addition, pesticide clouds can affect those living nearby. Some studies have linked pesticides like glyphosate to serious health effects, and it is the subject of several lawsuits. Supporting the production of organic cotton clothing can make all the difference to agricultural workers' quality of life.

Aqua Men's Organic Cotton LW Sweatshirt

These are just a few of the reasons that you should consider using organic cotton clothing. There are plenty of clothing options made from organic cotton from Hue Division, such as shorts, t-shirts and sweaters, such as this Aqua Men's Organic Cotton LW Sweatshirt, so check out the website for more organic and environmentally-friendly options.