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The Ultimate Men's Fashion Guide For 2021

The Ultimate Men's Fashion Guide For 2021

The Ultimate Men's Fashion Guide For 2021

Fashions come and go, but there are three things you always need in your wardrobe: a good suit, clothes that fit properly, and timeless items. Once you have these covered - or as part of your efforts to sort them out - you can then start to heed and adapt the trends of the year to suit your style, shape, and budget. There are times in life, however, when fast fashion starts to lose its appeal and world events that make you question your values. 2021 may be one of those times when the idea of fashion trends take on a whole new meaning.

Invest in the future

The number one tip in our men’s fashion guide for 2021 has nothing to do with a single look. It is a major fashion trend for this year, however, and it focuses on spending as much as you can on key pieces now and reaping the rewards in the future.

Covid has made everyone think a little more about existence, and this is reflected in an ethos in the fashion world that says to spend now while you can, and then know that you will save money in the future.

The pitfalls of fast fashion

Low-quality, high-fashion items can fall apart in a matter of weeks. This is damaging to your wardrobe, your budget and the environment. Fast fashion may have its benefits, but these passing trend-influenced items are often not cost-effective, and experts agree that 2021 should be the year of putting quality over quantity.

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Your fashion can be timeless

High-quality clothing can quite often last a lifetime, offering a timeless appeal that fast fashion items simply cannot emulate. Buying less but buying better can also help you to create your very own style identity, becoming known for your focus on buying the best that you can afford and wearing it as often as you can. This is the key to the type of sustainability that we should all be striving for, in 2021 and moving into the future as well. Your clothes can then mature with you in the same way that a good wine gets better with age.

Curate your style

This is not a trend, strictly speaking, but it is a way that you can make a decision to finally make your wardrobe your own in 2021. This is a year when many of us have been forced to appreciate what we have, and this can include our own unique style. While there may always be a place in your mind to take notice of fashion fads, 2021 is the year to start really putting the stamp on your own individuality and style.

Just as Marlon Brando will always be remembered for his leather jacket and James Dean made the denim and leather mix his own, you need to find your own timeless style - a look that you won’t necessarily have to change much for years to come. This is a great way to ensure that you don’t spend your old age looking at photographs of yourself and wondering why you ever thought those clothes were a good idea.

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Following on from the previous point, choosing a classic style is a great way to commit to a more sustainable fashion world, especially when you choose items made from planet-friendly fabrics such as our Organic Cotton Shorts. These timeless styles evade the cyclical nature of the fashion world, removing the need to stop wearing the things you buy now just because they are not considered to be at the height of fashion in 2022 or beyond.

Get started on a more sustainable look

If you don’t know where to start, begin by choosing one item of jewelry or clothing that you know you really like and that works for you. Then, use this as a basis for your capsule wardrobe. This is a way of getting you noticed for the style you really like rather than allowing you to fade into the plethora of mass fashion choices.

Perhaps in the future you will become known as the colorful t-shirt man or the guy who wears shorts and sweatshirts in winter. It doesn’t matter, as long as what you are known for is a true reflection of who you really are.