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Different ways to style women's suits with sneakers

Different ways to style women's suits with sneakers

Different ways to style women's suits with sneakers

Historically, suits have always been viewed as a rather formal form of menswear. It is thought that the first women's suit was crafted by actress Sarah Bernhardt in the 1870's, an evolutionary movement in the fashion world that created a lot of scandal at the time.

However, as the years have gone by, tailored suits have been something to be adorned by both sexes. Despite their initial formal nature, they are now versatile enough to be worn in a number of styles for several different purposes.

One fashion statement that you may not necessarily feel ready for is the suit-with-sneakers combo. However, this is a look that is growing in popularity - the ultimate merge of genres and one that, when done right, can look fabulous. Here are some style tips for wearing women's suits with sneakers.

Different ways to style women's suits with sneakers

Rock and roll chic

A timeless and effortlessly stylish look, the rock and roll chic vibe screams "I don't care!". The relaxed-fitting suit, low-cut, chiffon loose-fitting shirt and simple white sneakers create a look that is comfortable and so rock and roll!

The crazy suit

Normally, the suit would be the sensible part of the outfit and the sneakers would be the frivolous aspect. Turn this notion on its head by opting for a bold, bright or garish suit teamed with a pair of plain and functional sneakers to bring the outfit a sense of sensibility. It might not be a look for the fainthearted, but it sure is one that will make a big statement.

The crazy suit

The linen suit

Linen suits give you the best of both worlds - the charm and tailoring of a suit with the comfort and coolness of a more relaxed fit. Linen is ideal for the warmer months and is naturally fairly loose fitting. A white linen suit - possibly with cropped, wide-leg pants - paired with a tight-fitting tee and some statement sneakers would make an ideal outfit for a warm day outdoors. Just be sure to take an umbrella with you in case of any spring showers because linen is a material renowned for soaking up moisture, making it very heavy to wear!

The boss babe

Channel your inner boss babe both in and out of the office by teaming a well-tailored pinstripe suit with a classic turtleneck, oversized belt and a pair of chunky sneakers. This creates a strong, powerful look that is both contemporary and professional.

The pointy sneaker

It might not be to everyone's taste, but the pointed sock sneaker is a great way to further clash genres. This hybrid shoe has all the attributes of a sneaker but with a pointed, sometimes heeled shape not dissimilar to a traditional pointed high heel. It really is a great way to get on board with the theme in the most striking and eye-catching way.

'90s grunge

Chunky knits, band tees and pinstriped blazers were all part of the '90s grunge movement. Bring them back with a bang by pairing a slim fit, pinstripe suit with a casual band tee and a pair of old-school Converse. This is a fun, retro look that has never gone out of fashion.

'90s grunge

The mish-mash

If you want to experiment with the suit and sneakers look but aren't ready to fully commit, it is easy to mix and match some garments that you may already have in your closet to get a feel for the look. An oversized, detailed blazer paired with a t-shirt of your choice and semi-formal pants (perhaps in faux leather) along with sneakers would test the waters perfectly. It's a step in the direction of this vibe but without the full matching suit pieces.

General rules

This is a bold look, but it is one that can be pulled off fairly effortlessly with some inner confidence and a few basic rules in mind. First, no matter how you choose to style your suit/sneakers combo, it won't ever look great if your sneakers are filthy or beat up. This is essentially an elegant look, and while it can be styled down, it will never look right if your sneakers are ready for the trash.

It is also a good idea to tailor your outfit to the occasion. Sneakers can work brilliantly in a work environment, but it's best to keep the colors neutral in that sort of setting. Think blacks, whites or grays for work as opposed to fluorescents!