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Celebrity Fashion Styles To Avoid

Celebrity Fashion Styles To Avoid

Celebrity Fashion Styles To Avoid

Everybody loves a good celebrity story these days. In fact, everybody loves a bad celebrity story! We’re obsessed. Who wore what, who wore it better, and what did they do with their hair? We watch with interest and then get ourselves down to the mall to copy our favorites as best as we can. However, just because someone is famous doesn’t mean they always get it right in the fashion stakes, and there have been some big no-nos.

Shoulder Pads

They were big in the '80s and they’re still big now, but only physically. Style-wise, shoulder pads should have stayed where they were. They gave some structure to blazers and blouses, but today, we think there are better ways to add interest to your outfit. We think a cute purse does a much better job, or a piece of statement jewelry. Nevertheless, if you use shoulder pads and cinch your waist with a belt, you can exaggerate the illusion and make your waist seem smaller.

Fanny Packs

Just take a purse! Fanny packs are making a comeback, but worn around the waist, they can be really unflattering. In the Roaring '20s - take 2 - we’re wearing our belt bags over our shoulder like a regular purse, or sometimes even cross-body. They’re practical, there's no doubt about it, and if you choose carefully, they can be stylish. We just think a purse is a better option for times when you need . . . a purse!

Matching Loungewear

Loungewear was the big winner over the last year during the pandemic as we all spent so much time indoors. We love loungewear. Matching does work - we have plenty - and a lot of it comes down to personality and confidence. Choose your colors carefully, or go for a neutral that will go with everything, like our Mercer St Grey Organic Cotton Reversed Sweatshirt. It’s a comfortable option that is also classy, perfect for laid-back style.

Mercer St Grey Organic Cotton Reversed Sweatshirt

Bright Tie-Dye

Tie-dye is undoubtedly fun. It shouts summer, and it looks great on younger people. There’s a place for tie-dye, but moderation is key. You need to choose your colors carefully, and in most cases, taking those colors and wearing them on their own as a block will be just as impactful and easier to wear. Look at this gorgeous Purple Rose Organic Cotton T-Shirt that takes the color and goes with it, without the pattern.

Purple Rose Organic Cotton T-Shirt

Dad Jeans

We can live with Mom Jeans, but for most people, this ultra relaxed cut is a step too far. Loose and almost baggy through the thigh, waist and hips, they are certainly comfortable but perhaps just too relaxed for denim. Dad jeans are everything that skinny jeans are not, which in itself might be a reason to wear some. If you need comfy, loose pants,, choose a style that isn’t loose-fit jeans. There are lots of high-waisted, wide-leg pants that are in style right now. The high waist flatters most body shapes, and if you choose a colorful pair, you’re new-season ready in an instant.

In a similar vein to wide-leg pants, bell-bottoms are making a comeback if you want a little retro in your closet. They’ve now been given a contemporary twist. Far from being out-dated, they can be stylish and even sophisticated depending on how you pull your outfit together. Pair them with a plain, fitted t-shirt so the pants make the statement, add a dash of confidence, and you’re good to go. Where there is a need to be a little more formal, add a tailored blazer on top and give yourself a modern take.


Loafers seem to be staking a claim for the title of all-purpose, wear-anywhere footwear. Lots of celebrities have been snapped wearing loafers. They have a certain charm, and they’re definitely practical, but we’re not convinced they’ll overtake sneakers as our go-to shoe. Sneakers are so versatile! They finish a skirt outfit or go just as easily with a pants suit.

Socks and Sandals

Socks and Sandals

Just say no to socks and sandals. Yes, people are starting to wear ankle socks with open-toed, high-heeled shoes, but it will take us some time to get over what was long considered the ultimate fashion faux pas. It’s eye-catching, and it will not be for everyone. You’ll need loads of confidence to pull this trend off.

When looking at celebrity fashion, instead of trying to emulate the whole outfit, pick the parts you like - a color, maybe a cut or fabric - and incorporate that into your own style for something that works for you.