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25 Must-Follow Instagram Accounts For Women's Fashion

25 Must-Follow Instagram Accounts For Women's Fashion

25 Must-Follow Instagram Accounts For Women's Fashion

One of the most fascinating things about women’s fashion is that it is so diverse, not least because there are stylish women of all shapes, sizes, and ages. Social media is a fantastic source of style inspiration for trends and the latest ideas. Here are 25 must-follow Instagram accounts for women’s fashion to check out.

25 Must-Follow Instagram Accounts For Women's Fashion

1. Rosie Huntington-Whiteley - @rosiehw, 12.5m followers

Rosie has a classic style with an ultra-glamorous twist that resonates with many. Her style is somehow accessible, and many followers hang onto her every word about her #ootd (outfit of the day) and want to buy every item she’s wearing.

2. Fiona Zanetti - @fionazaetti, 321k followers

Another influencer with classic style, Fiona pulls together outfits largely in classic neutrals and monochrome with black, white and navy featuring heavily in her outfits. She conveys a strong style that is polished and classy.

3. Tina Kunakey - @tinakunakey, 1.2m followers

Here’s a woman who is able to give a modern twist to a classic piece. While many stick to single colors, Tina is not afraid of a print like a stylish polka dot.

4. Lauren Santo Domingo - @thelsd, 325k followers

A big fan of white dresses, Lauren’s Instagram is a gorgeous blend of fashion and interior inspiration.

5. Emili Sindlev - @emilisindlev, 582k followers

Emili is a great account to follow as she has a knack for what’s just about to be huge. She loves bold colors, and so do we. Our sweet pastel-colored hoodies, like this Purple Rose Hoodie, are both comfortable and stylish.

Purple Rose Hoodie

6. Poppy Delevingne - @poppydelevingne, 1.7m followers

An indisputable A-lister of fashion style, Poppy’s Instagram shows an insight into her celebrity lifestyle as well as fashion inspiration.

7. Sylvie Mus - @sylviemus_, 74.5k followers

Sylvie is a freelance stylist based in Paris. She is also a photographer and creative consultant, so her imagery is always worth looking at.

8. Pernille Teisbaek - @pernilleteisbaek, 1m followers

The Denmark-based influencer has an easy-to-wear style that is also easy to replicate on the high street. Jeans and sweaters like this Illuminating Yellow Sweatshirt could take her from a day at home to shopping or meeting friends.

Illuminating Yellow Sweatshirt

9. Angelica Hicks - @angelicahicks, 59.3k followers

Angelica’s account shares lighthearted posts about the fashion industry and not just photos of her ideas.

10. Selena Gomez - @selenagomez, 229m followers

She is one of the biggest singing stars in the world right now, but her Instagram account showcases her down-to-earth style as much as her music. She’s so relatable, and that’s what makes her Insta so popular.

11. Alexa Chung - @alexachung, 4.3m followers

This insta-account represents the hugely influential brand sharing the name of its founder. It’s very watchable!

12. Anna R Vitiello - @annarvitiello, 59.9k followers

Contemporary London style meets vintage classics on this super stylish account.

13. Kelly Augustine - @kellyaugustine, 123k followers

A blend of personal and celebrity styling makes for a fascinating curation of images.

14. Lee Litumbe - @spiritedpursuit, 233k followers

We love the gorgeous destinations shown on this feed as much as the laidback styling of the clothes.

15. Amy Sall - @amy_sall, 66.3k followers

High fashion meets stunning imagery in a foolproof formula.

16. Danie Sierra - @danie.sierra, 157k followers

Here's some proof (if you needed it) that sneakers go with everything and can make for arty shots.

17. Claire Most - @claire_most, 74.8k followers

Casual style with lots of sportswear for everyday wear that is attainable to the general public.

18. Monikh Dale - @monikh, 224k followers

Monikh’s style blends classic dresses with showcasing stunning interiors, and we can’t see enough!

19. Sophia Roe - @sophiaroe, 420k followers

Another Scandinavian-inspired account with lots of lovely camel and tan shades.

20. Fong Minliao - @fongminliao, 150k followers

We love the minimal style that blends with self-help motivational posts. She is also an artist.

21. Vanessa Hong - @vanessahong, 613k followers

Contemporary styling with very cool photography makes this a standout account definitely worth following.

22. Abisola Omole - @abimarvel, 35.4k followers

Abi’s account is inclusive for bigger sizes and gives inspiration for all.

23. Olja Ryzevski - @oljaryz, 282k followers

Artsy photography that will get you thinking, featuring minimalist style.

24. Natasha Ndlovu - @natashandlovu, 121k followers

Natasha’s USP is her stance on sustainability, which looks set to grow and grow in focus.

25. Kylie Cosmetics - @kyliecosmetics, 25.2m followers

For an account that has only one post so far, this is sure to be a hugely influential account. Kylie Jenner already has a huge influence on her own account and is promising big things on this one. One to watch, we think.